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I am doing what I can to be an individual who makes a difference. If only the best of intentions would propagate like weeds. I guess though that they do.  Only it just takes a little more nurturing and a different standard of time to see the results.

As I am writing and thinking about all this…souls, weeds, patience, etc., it dawned on me that when one discovers dandelions growing in his lawn, one immediately fears infestation…in other words–the worst.  Instead of whining about dandelions, perhaps the world should look on the bright side and simply let them grow, then harvest and make dandelion wine…

A child is naturally attracted to the yellow “flower” and will present it to us as if it were a treasure. While our heart is bursting at the sweetness and naivety of a kid’s optimism, we secretly feel the longing to see, perhaps, a yellow rose there instead.  Dandelions have a bad reputation.  Children are trivialized for their innocent beliefs, and we are regularly disappointed by our expectations and unreasonable standards.

I guess a lot of folks would rather live in alleys than to own a piece of land with a yard full of dandelions… or go thirsty while waiting for wine from the south of France, and go without true love from a child’s gift while hoping for attentions from unattainable souls…

I say the glass is neither half full nor half empty…it’s just too big. Get a smaller glass and fill it with the dandelion wine.  Hug that child and show a better side of you to the world.  Wear that weed in your lapel and be happy you have the purest sort of love there is. When a worthy other sees you there making the best of these meager gifts, he or she will recognize that you are capable of embracing the metaphors presented to you, and that other soul will deem you genuine, deep, substantial, worthy, and deserving.

Love the weeds, they are people too. Harvest their bounty and make the wine. The taste and intoxication may even be sweeter and more potent. Fill that smaller glass to overflowing and appreciate the essence of every drop.  Perhaps then the Good Lord will lead you to a vineyard in Provence, a crystal setting, a yard full of roses…and you will knowingly turn it all down as you truly know real treasure when you see it.  It’s all about appreciation, faith, recognizing potential, and is as simple as accepting a beautiful flower from the pure heart of a child…

Matthew Lyle Landsman 2008

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