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Signs of spring…

I saw signs of new green on the road to Walla Walla this week. Winter
wheat a few inches high…and a fringe of fresh shoulder grass on the
edge of the road. I smelled fresh plowed ground. It was foggy and
mostly bleak…but one must look closely, have an open mind…and a
smaller glass to avoid the “half empty/half full” syndrome in the early
part of February.

Today I heard a songbird…life has returned to my desert abode.  My smaller glass is overflowing…and I am stronger knowing that I’ve survived my 50th winter on God’s green, sometimes snow and frost covered earth.

It’s not quite time to store away the down and wool, but soon the splitting of kindling and cord wood will be but a memory.  I am grateful for my foul weather friends…for the warm hours on the phone when midnights left me chilled and otherwise abandoned…but never really alone…

I’ll see you when the bud is on the rose bush in my front yard…and the
robin gathers sprigs of last year’s spent grasses to build her home in
my sycamore…and I too will roam the desert in search of breaks in the
clouds, and love…

Matthew L Landsman, February 2010

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