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My three days with Jordyn Kube were the most generous and rewarding in kind. Jordy girl, you were so kind, so strong and oh so sweet. I shall gladly never be the same for the gifts of your embrace and trust on your last few days here.

Jordyn Kube ~ 1990-2015

Jordyn Kube ~ 1990-2015

I wasn’t in the room when the merciful Angels came, but I felt a gentle breeze precede them there, and heard them softly call your name. And those last few times I held you close to me, you squeezed my fingers tightly whilst I quietly hummed “In the Arms of the Angels”, so only those Angels, you, and I could hear. Jordy, Jordy, so sweet Jordy…a thousand times I thank you for knowing and showing your sweet love. For this I am eternally grateful. Love, Matty

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Where Jordyn lives…

There is a light in a yonder window, that glows there all night long. There is a life behind that window blanketed in love, in care, and tiny hour songs. There is a breeze that softly blows, from Angel’s wings and heaven knows…a kindness abides where that window glows.

There’s a collective laughter, a buoyant prayer, a knowing sigh, and a whisper there. A quiet wishing, an asking why. And friends, and friends and family gather. They come and go and return anew. They hope and hold and support one another. I see a place where the window glows, and love abounds, and heaven knows…

And come what may, our Jordyn knows that faith prevails and the storms that rumble and rain that falls, are a reminder that tomorrows hold blossoms and life springing always in the desert beyond that window…where she prays to that same God for a life well of her own.

Behind that always illuminated pane and door, gather aunts, and cousins, and kinfolk there. Gather friends and family and well wishers there. Always a full table and a brimming glass, a fresh course of laughter and reassuring smiles exchanged. Where an air of hope and miracle reside…Perhaps the miracles are the life and love behind that softly lit window there…

And when I move away beyond that door, I shall never be same. Never so strong, nor so weak. Never so faith filled, or question filled. Never so solemn nor amazed.There is a breeze of that softly blows, from Angel’s wings and heaven knows…a kindness abides where that window glows.

I love your family my friend Kaye. Matty

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