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I was rummaging thru my life’s discarded things…I found parts of you, and I found parts of me…I found parts of us

 I wasn’t happy to find us there, but I knew we had once been those things together…and I was glad for the times that were us…And I was ashamed for the fact we had tossed bits and pieces of each other away…I was sad I had thrown shreds of myself to the abyss…the same for you.

And though I cannot put the pieces back together, I can do things more kindly when there is a new “us” to cherish and nurture in my life. A new “us”, that won’t include you.

It will be better than we were, because of the “us” you and I once were, and the things I learned after you and I tossed “us” away.

But there will still be me…I’m wiser, and I will do better…and there won’t be any more pieces thrown away for anyone to have to see…MLL

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