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Having a second cup of coffee. Every day I go to a news page here on my PC, and every day I fully expect to read a news report of another major tragedy here in our country. I’m never surprised when I do see it. I am always grateful when I don’t.
But this morning the headlines made me sick, made me weep, made me angry, made me afraid, made me sad, made me search for strength, for faith, for answers. At this moment I’m looking to the heavens for the solace I need.
My thoughts first went to my own son, a gay man with a healthy long term relationship with a wonderful man. I also recalled the moment decades ago when my son shared his sexuality with me. Among other concerns I shared with him at that moment over fifteen years ago, was the possibility of him one day becoming the victim of a “hate crime”, was, and is still a very real and lingering concern of this daddy. (that’s what he still calls me to this day).
I am a man of much faith, diversity, empathy, acceptance, and love for life. Today I have just two words to encompass this sad moment in Florida, which is fast becoming a sad metaphor for what is infecting our nation and world…Tears, and sigh.
A very heavy sigh.
Momma in heaven, if you can pull any ethereal strings, please put in a strong and good word for us. God help us all. Love, Matty

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