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Election Infection

Several months from now, the untruths will have been dissected. The misdirections will have been corrected. The distortions will have been focused. The hatred will have been pacified. The bullshit will be back in a pasture where it belongs. The muckraking will be superseded by the fresh clear waters. And the devil’s seed will be made dormant, never to be germinated and planted among God’s good greens.
Love will bring things back to a True North. Reason will reside and fools will be cast back into the shadows. Panic and fear mongering will be tamed and made sensible by the air of kindness that prevails.
At the moment, a raging truth is filling the air…not unlike the smoke of cannon fire and rifle shots, and the screams of the dying during the original Civil War…At this moment, those soul’s ghosts and their fury and anguish from the 1860’s are being roused and the embers kindled to a raging flame…And our enemies are licking their chops at the opportunities that are arising…
But several months from now, love will prevail and this foolishment (a fitting term from The Green Mile) will again be made silent, or at least this ignorance will be nullified.
God Bless us all…Matthew.
PS, this is about as political as I get. It will be an interesting year.

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Too much this’n and not enough that’n
Too much pitchin’ and not enough battin’
All that bare headin’, and too little hattin’
Too much mud slingin’, and not enough back pattin’
All this finger pointin’ and very little hand shakin’
We need more singin’ and a passel more caring
A lot less cringin’ and a whole lot more daring
A bunch more listening and no more cursin’ and swearing
Less walkin’ alone and instead, strollin’ with a hand to hold
Too much hatin’…too much of even the liberal use of that word
More compassion, more holdin’ and givin’
Less livin’ like we’re dyin’ and best to be dyin’ to be livin’, and lovin’…and cherishing
Too much gamblin’, and too little faithin’
Way more mindless chatter than old fashioned prayin’
Too much leavin’, and not near enough stayin’
All this actin’ up and hardly any behavin’
Hey friends…I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin…

(a fresh original, ’cause I was a little bored, Matty)

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