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Friday morning. The warm winds of last evening have subsided and leaves are strewn everywhere. Cooler outside too.
A lot can happen in the dark of winter night.
People are tossed by life’s storms too. I often wonder why some souls rarely find a smile, even in the midst of a sea of other smiling souls.
I talked to a lady who was put on part time recently, after being full time for quite a while. Life has become difficult with the cut in pay. Essentials only nowadays. And for the family, there will be no Christmas. Hard to explain to the little ones in her life. Grandkids needn’t be victims too. I had already (helped to) sponsor an anonymous family through the office at my job. But with my friend I see daily, it became personal and impossible to hope someone else would be their miracle.
After a quick trip to the bank, I quietly gave her 150 reasons to believe, and to be able give those babies in her life a Christmas.
I’ve been blessed by generous people for the past while, and had a bountiful couple of years. So I paid it forward, and even though it will pinch a bit later on, I feel richer than I have in a very long while. There is nothing as fulfilling as giving. Giving from the heart.
My Momma always picked a family to give to at Christmas (and year round if the truth be known, my Dad does so regularly too). And this morning I now know why they did so on a regular basis. Not because it feels good, but because it is simply the right thing to do. I still hear you Momma. You’re still making me a better man.
If you know a soul in the midst of their own personal storm and not even seeing the ends, never mind making them meet…be their miracle. Even a little miracle is still exactly that. A miracle. And truth be known, there are no small miracles, when one is lost to wander in a storm…MLL

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