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fall colorsFall and October are being ushered into the Northwest on blustery wings and benign clouds here in the desert. All at once the things of summer here gave way and were added to memories of all that was before…While I rolled up my watering hoses and put sprinkler heads away yesterday, I came to realize this is the advent of my fifty fourth autumn…I was born in the time of frost and dwindling daylight in the midst of October then…
I am still able to wander out into the day in short sleeves, but she is coming once again…the chilly mistress who decorates the trees in shades of orange, brown, red and gold. She is coming, accompanied by shorter days and lengthened nights…she is coming to remind me, that time is passing, and there will soon be a change of the calendar…and a fresh new year to embrace…she is coming once again. Autumn, in all her glory…Take care with you…Matthew

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Today, I don’t have to do anything…Today I GET to do EVERYTHING…

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Fall is comin…winter too,

Its 97 here on the first day of September.

There’s a lot of my life I kinda wanna forget

But I swear it’s you I always remember.

I’ll go walking, recall the nights we made love for hours,

and dawn would find us there.

With a light down low in the hallway…

while we watched the sunrise.

Whispering and sighing,

And quietly talking.

Fall is comin…winter too…

I found dew on my windshield a couple mornings ago,

and a few resigned leaves in the breeze…

Talking to me as they shuffled down the street,

leading me to where I was about to go.

I heard our song on the radio, then I chose yet another.

Then I sat half way thru a green light,

’cause my eyes refused to let me see…

that it was time to move on.

Kinda the way it was with you and me.

In my sleep we still get along…

still laugh and curl up close.

And go searching for mushrooms

up where the logging roads go.

And after we parted to fill our paper bags

we met up again to compare our bounty…

Then we made love again in the shade of an evergreen.

Summer’s ending,

and sunset comes earlier every day.

And dawn will soon be easier to greet,

after a while it will pass long after our workin day begins.

Then there will be the first frosty dawn,

I’ll feel the chill of a northern breeze.

And I’ll embrace the memory of a winter morning

feeding your horse in a chilled ancient barn…

and I’ll long to feel that muzzle softly taking the apple from my open hand.

And I’ll remember the day you left mine there empty too…

Fall is comin…winter too…

and I’ll play that song again,

Soft and low…and I’ll sigh a lonesome sigh.

And long for that December

that seems so long ago…


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