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Giving thanks…

Today is Friday…I want to share what I’m thankful for.
Today, I am grateful for this past Monday…It was a day that followed a night of restless sleep. It was a day that brought me to meet old work mates, and several new. It was awkward and uncomfortable part of the time. Monday was the first day of a new job. Monday was awesome.
Today, I’m very grateful for Tuesday past. Again, I was tired and grumpy, being forced to learn and retain, and be nice to others when I’d rather have been in bed. Being gainfully employed is a gift regardless. It was indeed a great day.
Today, I’m elated to have had Wednesday…I was stressed, I was challenged…I was spread thin and looking forward to my chair when I got home. I made money all day. I bonded with folks around me and grew confident. It was a perfect day.
Today I’m grateful for yesterday. The reflections of earlier this week were polished with a gladness, because I was involved, had prayed a lot for those in my life fighting the good fights, mourning the loss of family, struggling with daily life. Prayers are being answered.
Today, I’m grateful for my hard and trying week, I’m grateful for the ability to lean very hard on The Serenity Prayer, on The Lord’s Prayer…I’m grateful at the prospect of starting work at noon and working till midnight.
I’m not looking toward the weekend, for though there will still be a Saturday and Sunday, I won’t have a break from my tasks…and may work both days. For this I’m thankful.
Today and every day, I’m thankful for the ones before. They are, after all, what got me to this point. That is a gift regardless of the temper of them.
Even for days spent in worry, I’m glad there is God and his Son to pray to when troubling concerns accompany the passing of days.
I didn’t wish my week away in anticipation of Friday and the two days that follow. I earned, I learned, the night oils were burned…and I grew.
God bless all of you and your well lived weeks and well earned days of rest…and if there was no rest to be had, I hope you are thankful for the ability to endure and persevere whilst rising the occasion.
Have a great Friday friends, and do spend it well. No, in fact DON’T ‘spend’ your days. LIVE them, always. Matthew

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