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Sunday, bloody Sunday.

Trying my best to fight severe clinical depression. Fighting hard to get well and be up to being a full time employee somewhere.
Fighting, fighting, fighting.
I try to be the light for others, and hope some of it might rub off on/in yours truly.
Be the Light.
News not only of over another two dozen dead in a Texas church massacre today, but also an additional shooting outside yet another church in California. It kind of puts a dark cloud over the day.
No matter though. A few Twitter comments will solve ALL of this…(and also comfort, feed, support, nurture, and heal the bodies and minds of all the victims and their families.)
And don’t forget to send those victims and their loved ones all guns. LOTS of guns. And ammo. God bless ammunition.
Forget prayers. We got guns. lots of them. Our God given right in fact.
And be sure and look the other way. Always. THAT will fix it for sure.
Then quickly find some other issue to move the spotlight elsewhere. Point fingers and make random accusations about something. Anything. Just make shit up if need be.
Not sure why I can’t seem to get past my depression.
Must be something I ate. Being fed bullshit on a daily basis might have a wee bit to do with it.
Gotta laugh.
Dad and Momma, I GUARANTEE you’re both in a much better place.
Be the Light.
In the end, each other is all we have.
That, and the Serenity Prayer. I checked.  Love Matty

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