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It occurs to me…In Oklahoma…during the storm, I can hardly imagine the only storm cellar around, and a soul choosing to remain out in the wind because the owner of the storm shelter voted for Romney…And on the same note, after the winds died down and folks are lifting debris off of trapped souls, and from under the rubble a voice would be unlikely be heard to to say, “if you voted for Obama, just leave me here to die.
And in the months to come, I can hardly imagine a Republican home or business owner refusing help and aid from the federal government, nor would a Democrat citizen turn State or local support away.
Mother nature doesn’t vote along party lines, nor religious denominations, or race, or age or social standing…Mother nature creates a level playing field…a flat, destroyed, tragedy struck playing field.
God bless the good folks in Oklahoma and the entire tornado alley. God help us and bless us all. MLL

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