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A Saturday morning epiphany…
Why is it that elephants need and have such a great memory? They say that a matriarch elephant can recall and lead the herd to water…at a place she recalls they drank over twenty years ago. In the dry seasons the herd might have to roam many, many miles…perhaps a century worth. Or perish. But she can recall, and so life goes on.

I thought about that a moment ago and realized that people have the same power of recollection. And when their soul is parched, their hope is dried up, love is lost in a dry creek bed, and smiles are but a dusty and distant memory…With luck, something will lead them again to a cool pool of faith, of restoration, of revival, of love, and a kind breeze of unconditional compassion.
And no matter how long it has been since one has been there at those soft and welcoming waters, there will be a pair of open arms and a safe place to allow life to seep back in…Come back, drink it in. Things will be alright there at the water’s edge…God has a good memory too.


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Just a few more machines to touch on in the ED (ER) at the hospital here. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with those fine people in the midst of ‘their world’, and to witness the daily rigors. All whilst trying my best to stay out of their way.

Kadlec ER1
A lot of what they do is slightly similar to the stuff one sees on TV, be it drama or documentary. But a lot of it isn’t. And the benign cases that can be displaced by life threatening cases delivered by ambulance from one moment to the next can be heart wrenching to a casual observer like myself. But at the same time, one and all seem to remain objective, focused, and effective.
I can but only imagine what runs through an ER workers’ heart and mind after all is said and done at an eventful work day’s end.
I have admiration and empathy for what they are called upon to do one a constant basis. These are a special breed of folks, getting far too little credit for what they truly accomplish constantly. God bless the good souls who shoulder the load and manage to do so with a level of dignity, humor, and a great deal of care.
It has been honor to do my deed amongst them all. I’m humbled and grateful for the vicarious education I have been gifted there over the last five days or so.

Kadlec ER2
It’s nearly dawn. Not easy to wind down when I get home at 2 or 2:30 am…Time to try and sleep. MLL

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