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Thanksgiving week. I have so much to be thankful for, but mostly for what I can give to others. I can give my support, my love, and incite prayers through my writings here and elsewhere. I can give smiles, and hope, and encourage faith. Through giving those things, I am gifted in return with a quiet air of gratitude through others having better days.
With all my toys, my new (to me) car, and my home…I would still have nothing without my wunnerful family, (including honorary kids and grand kids), pets…
But I think the thing I’m most thankful for is my gift with words. My perspective and ability to see light in the darkness, hope in sorrow, and love amidst the lonesome. These are all things one can’t see, but knows they all exist. I’m most grateful for my faith…not religion by denomination, but pure and simple; Faith. And knowing I will see my Momma and others gone on ahead. Matthew

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The letter “y”…

just a letter…
“y”…it doesn’t seem like much at all. Just one of 26. But it makes my day, gives me hope, and enforces my faith in things. Not because it starts words like yes, or yesterday, or the color yellow. Nor does it have any secret meaning beyond the little ones you likely already know.
It is just the letter “y”. Even if you capitalize “Y”, it’s what it is.
But somewhere along the line over the last 55 years, someone added it to my name, and I thereafter became “Matty” to some. My Momma in particular.
She hasn’t uttered it in over 12 years…But on a regular basis someone else in my life will call me Matty, out of the blue. And then I smile, and sigh, and often get a bit teary eyed. Because I know Momma puts that simple letter out there, and it finds a soul and that name just comes out…
That’s when I know she’s out there watching over me, and putting that same warmth for me into the hearts of others. I nearly always ask what made that person suddenly call me Matty, and they say it felt right. I look at the sky, and into my heart, and thank the Lord for Momma’s continued presence in my life.
And I also thank Him, for the letter “y”. My favorite letter of all.
Love you Momma…see you somewhere down the road. In the meanwhile I’ll be here as you left me and flew off like a dove…I’ll be empty handed, with open arms. Matty

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