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Friends; I’m making a biased and controversial political statement here. I’m going to address bigotry, racial profiling, pipelines, misogyny, religion, borders, immigration, economy, war, WMD, division, joblessness, hate, abortion, credibility, broken promises, etc.

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.”

(I haven’t stayed friends with folks, loved, likable, in love with life, and SOBER for the past 29 years and 9 months without a lot of help. That little prayer is THE most powerful tool in my life arsenal. Try it out. It works!)


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(It took me about ten minutes to put this here on the screen, but 57 years to write…My gift is your gift, Matty)

I think Bob Dylan was right…sadly; still right. Through the ages, and even more so today. For our Veteran’s, for our fighters, for our innocents and innocence. For our praying souls, and souls who need prayed for…for the dread of dawns and troubled nights.
For the known, the unknown, those tied to the tracks, and the engineer bearing down on the throttle…There’s a darker day to come…but dark is always followed by the rising, of the Son and sun.

There will still be you, still be me. I’ll pray for you, you for me. We’re invincible, you and I. I’ll hold your torch while you light mine. And collectively, we’ll all light the night, light the hope, light what’s right.
Let’s all find a bit of shelter in one another, ’cause indeed, “it’s a hard rain’s gonna fall…” Matty


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