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Next time I pursue a job, I’m not going to provide a resume. I’m going to find out who the other applicants are, and defame them instead. I won’t share my meritorious past. I will distort tiny truths about the list of others. Not to disqualify them, but to cast a haze of doubt surrounding them.
I won’t list my achievements and education, I will criticize the others for a digression twenty five years ago whilst they were still figuring out who they were, and had a moment of poor judgement. I won’t focus on my lack of being civic minded, I will question the degree of their commitment while they were…
I won’t shine any light on me at all, because that would expose my flaws and lack of character…I’ll create a maze of half truths about the others, and hope my ineptitude gets lost and that I slip under the radar, and hope for lifetime benefits for my efforts (and lack of achievement and contribution.)
And after all is said and done, my family and store bought friends will applaud my career and veneer of character.
Nah, I think I’ll just keep earning it the old fashioned and hard way. MLL

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I’ve been watching the news here and there. Reflecting.

Dylan said, “…the times they are changing…” A great song. But true colors and grumblings tell me that times aren’t really changing people. They are just becoming more polarized and bent on causes that hardly matter. Extreme examples of things are being tossed about and back and forth with more vigor and less tact and sense than before I think.
If one man would be more likely to wield a hammer to build a bridge, a device of shade, or a bucket to hold water…And another would take hammer in hand to strike those using that bridge, or seeking that shade, or to tear apart the bucket to spill the life giving water. Then I suppose I wouldn’t take the hammer away from both. I wouldn’t deem the hammer a bad thing. Nor would I ban bridges, or shade, or water. But I would perhaps take the hammer away from the destructive soul, and give him shade and water. And should he still be bent on making life difficult for others, I would take that hammer and use it as a gavel in one hand, and to build a cell in the other. And I would give that man in the cell a view of the bridge, the cool water, and the contented souls who do good with that very hammer…It is that simple. MLL

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