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After sixty one years, the life that accompanied mine no longer shares the morning coffee, the news of the day, or a conversation long after the day has passed. She no longer stirs the pot I momentarily forgot…fills the ice tray I left nearly empty. She is no longer the soul breathing quietly there on the pillow next to mine…

I’ll still talk to her, and reach for her hand when I stroll. I’ll still snatch a rose from a bush down the way; sing her a line from a special song. I’ll stir my coffee quietly, and tuck my shoes away…just in case she is still lingering somehow.  I’ll want to always please her…to take away the evening chills…to find a way to kindly tease her. I’ll still keep my promises, and after sixty one years, my vows still remain. My attentions and intentions are the same.

I have often said I’d like to live yet another eighty eight years. I have a feeling I will be re-living the last sixty or so every day from now on.  The thought of her still makes me smile, still makes me proud, and still accompanies my thoughts from the waking moment to the midnight’s dreams…

I’ll breathe in her essence, and exhale her laughter…again and again…until there are no longer moments…no longer breaths. Till there are no more promises left to be kept, no more roads to follow, no songs left to sing…And then, and then, and then…she’ll fill my cup, and my hand…with hers, my heart with her pulse, my mind with her poetry and prose…my eyes with the creations and senses there in the canvas, parchment, pen and ink, palette and brush…and from her imagination.

And from across a crowded room, I will again seek her warmth, her steps softly accompanying mine…and again there will be tears, but of joy this time.  And while others bid adieu to he who has been missing her, I will be looking again into those eyes, listening to the quiet welcoming behind those familiar sighs…we will again be young…and old all at once.

Familiar, yet fresh and full of youthful anticipation…I will finish saying what you begin, and as before…I‘ll cling to your every word. For now, I’ll keep you close in my heart, until again you’re close at hand…

Written in honor of my friend Ben, by Matthew

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I was almost ready to write off today…until I thought about a friend who recently was cured of an “incurable cancer”.  I realized that all days are worth living, one hundred percent. And so I will embrace this day and squeeze the grapes, that arrive as minutes, until every drop is savored and night has come…then I will drink the wine that arrives as memories and friends at my door. MLL

It is a little cooler today, but still pretty outside. Summer gave a final gasp, but she is in a state of retreat.  As in life itself, all yield eventually to the irresistible march of seasons, of chapters, of firsts and lasts.  She will return. The falling leaves and drops and flakes will feed her while we await her arrival. And the four winds will carry the echoes of her laughter and warmth…Happy November, MLL

Halloween after nine pm…the silence after the children have made their way home, booty in hand…Then all that is left is just the coming of November…Thanksgiving…the turning, descent, then decay of leaves…of summer memories. There is the shortening of daylight, the hopes for fair and happy holidays…the missing of souls departed…and the anticipation of the coming spring…for now, just the approach of November.

Time to reflect the year having just passed, the dreams realized, shattered, put away…or simply laughed at. The roads traveled, recalled…repaired and broken. Bridges crossed, rivers crossed, pigskins tossed, wagers lost…and gatherings ‘round a fire…MLL

Steve Chapin put it nicely years ago…”I recall September, and leaves turnin’ brown. Remember October left leaves on the ground…and here comes December, like an elderly friend…and I feel like I need you again…”  MLL

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