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A tear on your cheek leaves a trail of a tale, that welled up there in your eyes. Be it love, joy, or a heart broken time. Be it pride of a vicarious moment, or just a quiet knowing of things, the eyes can’t hide the truth. There is scarcely anything more telling and beautiful than such a scene unfolding in the blink of an eye…Be alive, be genuine, and true in your soul friends…go ahead and cry. I may just join you.

A smile is the recollection of a moment, the reliving of a day, the re-tracing of a journey, the recurring gift of life’s miles. A smile is the conduit for laughter to follow, for love to blossom, to incite a spontaneous air of joy. I love the smiles that occur when I am on my own, because it means I am truly not alone. It means that I am capable of recalling the good times, and am being embraced from within, by family and friendsĀ  from afar…I love as well the smiles that come of spending time together. They are the unguarded result of joy shared, of bearing life well, of knowing you cared and gave of yourself.

A grin is the quiet and sheer joy of a proud moment shared in the life of your child…the piano recital he played, the problem solved, the hurdle scaled. A grin is silent applause for a moment lived aloud…The giving of thanks, without stealing the moment that another has earned the spotlight for. A grin is the culmination of efforts on the parts of many, and simply saying a prayer of thanks for what God has allowed. A silent saying of well done and tip of a proverbial hat…a beautiful thing nearly kept to yourself. Nearly, but still a partial secret within. Thank God for a grin.
And all three together, simply put; love of life.

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The harvest

Look to oceans, and look to the sky…look to the heavens and you’ll understand why.

Walk to the forest, and sing to the trees. Wander the meadows and let those tears feel the breeze.

Come to the valley, the gardens, and newly mowed hay…and you’ll find me…taking pictures, saving moments, and finding my words there. Later I’ll write them for your healing. And soon you’ll be feeling the soothing sounds there near the creek, the song of the dove, and a true friend’s love.

And come sunset you’ll come to realize what I harvest is care…and I have it all bundled for you. ‘Cause that is simply what friends do…Matthew


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Keeps your chins up friends. This in not a life of waiting till Fridays. It is a life to be lived, every day. They are all gifts, and can quickly become the last time you get to see someone or to be doing something good in your life. Today is a chance to smile, to earn, to effect good karma, and to love someone in person. Live your days friends, don’t spend them. MLL

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