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Come gather here, on this frosty morn. Invite lost souls, from family torn. Assemble where kettles boil, ovens roast, and fires warm. No matter, if it be a meager meal or something more, come gather around and seek a hand to touch, to warm and hold. Then offer thanks and prayers.

Get together with fond memories, of one who toiled in a kitchen over yester-years. A labor of love began in the dawn of the day, not just to cook, but to beckon, to invite, to hearken back where echoes remain…incited by scent, by laughter, sighs, and a lingering presence from a celestial place. And again I’ll spend the day with a collective blend of all such days once spent, and sigh a sigh of such fondness and sentiment that love for departed brings her to home again…and I’ll look to the dusting of flour for a simple fingerprint left, a whiff of cologne that drifts from a place beyond…and I will smile a quiet smile at just the faint wistfulness of such a divine day…

Come gather here to give retreat for the prodigal, embrace to the chilled. To offer love from thin air where yearnings thrive, and relief eludes.

Come gather here, be it just two, or twenty. And give thanks for the offering of the day, be it in retrospect or hopeful of a cache of fresh inspiration to be dipped into in later days…It is otherwise just another Thursday, but is much more. And linger there on Friday…and even a day or two more.

My heart feels a resigned twinge of the constant barrage of offerings on a Friday called black…a Friday that reminds us to gather for the later giving…but it is time and patience and compassion in need of sharing, contrary to the things one might place in box or bag. It is love, it is promise. It is a pledge to be there in the dark months ahead that should be written in IOU’s for family and friend…It is a black Friday indeed that we look beyond our door to fill what the souls truly need.

I give thanks this year for simple things that find and fill me when I close my eyes at day’s end…and a knowing that all I see behind closed eyes is what accompanies me and gives relevance to not just the day of Thanksgiving, but all the days in between.

I will seek to find you, both to give refuge, and to seek it. Come gather here around tables large and small…and bask in the fires of home, whether from hearth or heart, to chase away the chills and lonesome days.

I call out to the hearts of those close and far, be it by miles or a lack of agreement on life’s issues…I will long for a glad closure of the miles or mind.

Come gather here and offer gratitude to your version of a higher power for the blessings past, present, or in wishful days to come. Gather here and let your spirits flourish and give freely of things which can be found only in smiles and laughter, and essential faith…Come gather here.

Happy Thanksgiving and good wishes in the season ahead.

Matthew Lyle.


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Sunday afternoon…the shadows are growing long. September lingers still with its subtle reminders…and November is about to board at the station of time…Regardless of my wishful thinking, leaves will soon descend and meet me at boot level and give way to the remnants of sunny hours that dwindle as the solstice of winter waits in the wings.
It is a yearly ritual, the dance between nature and I, turning my back to the chilled breeze, my face to the midday sun. Turning my ear to the changing chorus of the winds as the branches empty and the notes of the storms fade from a low moan to an empty sad sigh…
My steps become a bit more urgent, my hands will fill pockets in search of warmth…and dusty gloves will soon be shook free of the warm month’s exile in a coat pocket or seasonal drawer. Longer sleeves soon step back into the fray after months tucked away. And before my breath can be seen in the shade, I will return again to thoughts of friends gathering there around the flames,  around the tables, around the bend where we’ll find each other…hiding behind smiles and handshakes and quiet sighs.
And I will greet the frost with gratitude, with respect and a nod…for it had the strength  to bring the fairer season to her knees, and ushered in the shades of autumn…the passing of days in dwindled hours.
And I will look to you for a warm embrace, a hand to hold, and love the sight of a cold weather tear there in your eyes…and I will tend the fires, in the hearths and hearts…and burn the midnight oils, not in wait of spring and summer, but in gratitude for the one just passed.
I’ll see you in the yard, with a rake there in your hands, and send a wave and knowing smile as we tend to the tasks and glance at the setting sun, and Canada geese on the wing, come home to graze and nest while the darker months pass…Happy autumn friend.


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fall colorsFall and October are being ushered into the Northwest on blustery wings and benign clouds here in the desert. All at once the things of summer here gave way and were added to memories of all that was before…While I rolled up my watering hoses and put sprinkler heads away yesterday, I came to realize this is the advent of my fifty fourth autumn…I was born in the time of frost and dwindling daylight in the midst of October then…
I am still able to wander out into the day in short sleeves, but she is coming once again…the chilly mistress who decorates the trees in shades of orange, brown, red and gold. She is coming, accompanied by shorter days and lengthened nights…she is coming to remind me, that time is passing, and there will soon be a change of the calendar…and a fresh new year to embrace…she is coming once again. Autumn, in all her glory…Take care with you…Matthew

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I want today to be unremarkable. I think I can do with the boredom of working hard and getting the expected results…with no drama, no frills, no friction, no one being overly officious.
Tomorrow, I want to remember this day as one that simply went as it should, and I will be grateful for the turning of the page and another chance to do the same tomorrow.
The best part about today should be getting and giving the love of my friends and family…that will be plenty for me. Matthew

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Friday morning…quiet here this time of the morning…peaceful. Its nice to just sit and reflect, listen to the sleepy world as it wakes up and eases into the gateway to the weekend.
I have lived and savored every day this week, given and returned smiles, moments of undivided attention, laughter, pleas and thanks to the heavens for losses and mercies alike.
I hear the day beckoning me and asking me to live it, not simply let the time pass by. Be well all, and don’t abandon hope and faith…they will build bridges over troubled times and carry you when there are no bridges over metaphoric deep waters…Stay strong..Matthew L Landsman

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Come morning, I will have shed the trials of yesterday.

Come morning, there will be a new dawn and fresh, clean slate to fill.

Come morning, we will have slept on whatever troubled us.

Come morning, things we anticipated and pondered will be ours to enjoy or endure.

Come morning, I will have lived down regret and embraced what one must accept.

Come morning, you will be the first thought on my mind, the reason a smile will have found me, a song will have filled me, and warmth will accompany me wherever I might wander.

Come morning, I will say adieu to the fading stars, hanging moon, and coolness of pre-dawn air.

Come morning…I hope to tote both the Serenity Prayer and courage with me…and to own the day that follows.

And come morning, I will start by thanking God for the day before, and the day ahead.

Matthew Landsman

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There is but one opportunity to live a day. One chance to be treated to moments and precious smiles, giggles from a child over some little thing that tickles the fancy. One moment to give your ear to an aged Veteran who helped secure your future many decades before your birth. A single collection of minutes and hours to be embraced with the presence of members of the greatest generation.
Each smile or thought exchanged is a chance to possibly validate the life of another…be the person who makes that difference. It is your chance to help another to feel worthy. Lend your heart for a second…it will be rewarded in kind or greater…Be well…Matthew…

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