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Come morning, I will have shed the trials of yesterday.

Come morning, there will be a new dawn and fresh, clean slate to fill.

Come morning, we will have slept on whatever troubled us.

Come morning, things we anticipated and pondered will be ours to enjoy or endure.

Come morning, I will have lived down regret and embraced what one must accept.

Come morning, you will be the first thought on my mind, the reason a smile will have found me, a song will have filled me, and warmth will accompany me wherever I might wander.

Come morning, I will say adieu to the fading stars, hanging moon, and coolness of pre-dawn air.

Come morning…I hope to tote both the Serenity Prayer and courage with me…and to own the day that follows.

And come morning, I will start by thanking God for the day before, and the day ahead.

Matthew Landsman

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