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Thursday 5:30 am…I just stepped outside to survey the day so far. A vast contrast to yesterday morn when I drove through dense fog for the first thirty miles of my drive to Walla Walla…Then,  at the Wallula gap a breeze had stirred and the fog gave way to a serene vista of the mighty Columbia River and the gorge she had carved long before men trekked over the bend on her way to the warm Pacific…
But days and life are sometimes cloaked in fog and haze…when one knows the destination sought, but each step reveals little but the need for another, in wait of that clearing breeze, that ray of dawn’s sun…And in looking back it is a wonder how the journey was made, so we look upon the success of the drive, and feel grateful for the strength to have stayed the unclear course…Her’s to a clear day and safe passage to the hours that follow dusk…huddle together against the morning chill, and bask in the brief afternoon spell of warming sun. Matthew…

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