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I have a few minutes before I venture out into the day and make my trek to the Walla Walla VA Hospital and an opportunity to indirectly improve the lives of veterans who have already made a difference in my own life. Though they didn’t know me, they still volunteered, went where they went, did what they had to do, and put their lives on hold so the likes of you and I could live as we pleased.
I can’t see in their minds or their hearts when we pass each other in a hallway. But I can see into their eyes, can witness their lingering pain and struggles that accompany them day after day. And I regularly offer them thanks for their service, and I often give them a minute of my time, in exchange for the years of time they gave for us all.
I can sense what lingers from their days in jungles or mountains, deserts and oceans. I can only imagine what they’ve endured, what they’ve witnessed and will dream about when sleep finally finds them…and I can just be grateful and simply give thanks, and offer a prayer or two in exchange for the prayers they have already answered for the lot of us somewhere along the way.
Have a great day all…MLL

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